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Worlds Apart Press Kit

Series Name: Warriors of Risnar

Release Date: May 28, 2018

Publisher: Carina Publishing

Format: Novel * Genre: Science Fiction Romance * Length: 88,000 words

eBook ISBN: 9781488081187

Characters: Anneliese Thompson, Nex Clauhahz, Salno

After escaping her alien captors, Anneliese Thompson has reclaimed her life on Earth, but she
never forgot the Risnarish man who set her free. Now he’s back with an ominous message—the
Monsuda are coming for her again. To survive, she must return to his planet and let his people
help her. But this former soldier is done sitting on the sidelines—this time, Anneliese wants in on
the fight.

Risnar warrior and scientist Nex Clauhahz searches for the former captives he freed from the
Monsudan hive. Anneliese’s fire and strength instantly draw him to her. He vows to do whatever
it takes to protect her, even if he has to save her from herself.

As alliances are threatened and new enemies are uncovered, Nex and Anneliese search for a way
to defeat their common foe. With everything she cares for teetering on the verge of destruction,
including her own warrior strength, Anneliese must prove her loyalty and worth—and embrace a
second chance at love and a life worth living.

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Chapter 1 Link

Excerpt 1

After six months apart, Nex and Anneliese are getting...reacquainted.

Somehow, without his noticing, Nex realized he’d drifted closer to Anneliese. Her mouth parted
slightly, and her breath warmed his lips. Like a sweet spring breeze, coming in quick, tiny
exhales. As if she was excited at his nearness. As if she wanted a repeat of that treasured kiss as
much as he did.

That kiss, which had haunted him through the long months of not seeing her. He remembered the
taste of her, and excitement swept through his body.

As an abrupt need burst over him, Anneliese wrapped her arms around his neck. All at once her
lips were against his, another impetuous kiss. In contrast to the quick buss six months ago, it kept
going. Another surge of need drove through Nex, and his tongue sought hers. He yanked her
closer still as he plundered, reveling in her sweetish-salty flavor, in how she molded to his body
as if they might melt into each other. She grabbed on to him more fiercely, twisting her fingers in
his mane, as if laying claim to him. Could it be she was as hungry for this contact as he? Was it
possible for a woman to feel the same rampant storm for closeness?

A mere kiss, and yet so much more.

Excerpt 2

A lovely flight with a handsome alien is about to go terribly wrong for veteran soldier Anneliese.

“Incoming fire! Evade!”

Nex yelled back, his voice roaring furious in her ears. “That’s scatter-shot! There must be drones
in that stand of trees down there!”

The Risnarish sentries had responded to the drones firing on Nex’s dartwing, racing toward the
copse of trees and returning the shots. Blazing white streaks came from the long cylinders they
pointed at the stand of timber.

Despite the protection from the ground troops below, shots continued to ping off the dartwing.
The craft gave a sudden lurch, and the console in front of Anneliese flashed a myriad of blinking
purple and red lights. The vessel listed hard to the side, its wing on Anneliese’s right dipping
down so that she was almost parallel to the ground.

“I take it we’re hit,” Anneliese said, her tone casual now that she was in for the worst.

“We’re going down. Brace for a bumpy landing.” Nex’s voice was as calm and as grim.

The dartwing flew in an arc, curving down fast toward the grasses that waved as if to warn them
off. They would end up on the side of the copse opposite the Risnarish troops trying to defend
them. “Shit,” she muttered. It was Afghanistan all over again, except trucks didn’t plummet from
the sky. She had a feeling a crash landing would be on par with exploding.

Excerpt 3

Nex learns to keep his woman safe, happy, and well-armed.

She watched Nex fire. He seemed unaware that she’d furnished herself with firepower. After she
was sure she understood how to use the weapon, Anneliese poked her head up and noted the
dozens of gray-skinned drones emerging from behind the trees.

How many times had those mechanical bastards tortured her on behalf of their makers, the
Monsuda? Anneliese’s lips pulled into a snarling grin. The moment of payback had arrived.

She brought her weapon up and fired on the front line. With no sight on the tube, she was off by
a mile. She adjusted and tried again, taking out a silently advancing drone. It tumbled over, its
huge black-lens eyes turning milky white as it started to smoke.

Nex’s shocked voice rose above the sizzling pops of their weapons. He sounded affronted. “Hey!
Women don’t fight.”

“Your women, maybe.” Anneliese ducked as the drones leveled boomerang-shaped weapons in
her direction. Scatter-shot whistled over her head as she said, “How about shutting up and
learning how we do it on Earth?”

Facts and Information About the Novel

* Worlds Apart is the second of the series ‘Warriors of Risnar’.

* The heroine Anneliese Thompson is based on women of the St. Regis Mohawk Tribe. Tracy’s
husband comes from this tribe, and Tracy worked closely with members of his family to make
Anneliese true to their culture.

* The hero Nex also appeared as a minor character in the first Warriors of Risnar book, Not of
This World

* The villainous Monsuda are insectoid because Tracy can’t imagine anything yuckier than bugs.
Their robotic drone creations are based on the ‘Grays’ reputed to visit Earth and abduct humans
for experimentation.

* Risnar is a combination of an agricultural, technologically advanced, and spiritual society. The
Monsudan society is that of a hive mind dependent on technology that strips natural resources
from the planet with no regard to sustainability. This, plus the predations of the Monsuda on the
Risnarish, is what puts the two races at odds.

* Worlds Apart is Tracy’s 45th published book.

Q & A

Q: What’s new in the world of Risnar? How is this second book of the series different from the
A: Now that the introductory phase is over, we get into the hardcore action. The battle lines have
been drawn between the Risnarish and the Monsuda, and the fight is on.



Q: Do we see any of the characters from the first book return?
A: Nex and Anneliese are back, fulfilling the romantic promise at the end of Not of This World.
The story moves to the Risnarish village of Cas, so there is a host of all-new characters. Jape, the
head enforcer of Cas, is back as well.



Q: Who’s new and notable in Worlds Apart?
A: Salno, a scientist. We finally get a little more personal with a Risnarish female, learning about
how a member of that supposedly aloof gender behaves. In a way, Salno becomes the voice of
Anneliese’s conscience.


Q: How are the hero Nex and the heroine Anneliese different from Kren and Jeannie?
A: Nex was an enforcer like Kren in the first book, but he’s returned to his first love in this one,
which is science. He’s the geeky smart guy who gets excited about stuff that’s often over
everyone else’s head. As for Anneliese, she’s bolder than Jeannie, a war vet who saw action back
on Earth.


Q: The scientist is male and the war vet is female. It’s a bit of a switch from the typical gender
roles in romance.
A: Why shouldn’t the action belong to the woman? Anneliese is no shrinking violet. She’s a
soldier through and through, with no apologies. Nex is the one not so afraid to show his softer
side, though he doesn’t hide from fights that matter either.


Q: What else should we know about Anneliese and Nex?
A: Both are dealing with issues far beneath their surface struggles. As a minority and a woman,
Anneliese always feels as if she’s got more to prove than anyone else. She’s overcompensating
by constantly looking for a fight to win or a victim to defend. Nex is the epitome of ‘Mr. Fix It’.
He’s got it in his head that he has to make Anneliese ease up on causing conflict, even to the
point of taking some of her choices away. It doesn’t help that he’s utterly clueless as to how to
deal with a woman on a romantic basis. Living separately from the Risnarish women has him
flailing to navigate in an emotional storm when it comes to Anneliese.

Q: What can we look forward to in the next Warriors of Risnar book?

A: Keep an eye on Jape and Elder Ehar in Worlds Apart. They’ll have a huge impact on the
events of the third Risnar story, Worlds Collide, as does Arga from Not of This World.



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