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Shalia's Diary Book 9:

(A Clans of Kalquor Story)

Shalia is at last face to face with her happily-ever-after. Well…maybe. Clans Seot and Aslada vie for her love. Both can give her and her daughter Anrel lives Shalia never dreamed of. Both offer opportunities for career and happiness. Only one can give her what she’s always dreamed of…a mother free of illness.


In her latest adventure, Shalia must juggle her love life and her responsibilities to her mother Eve. Nothing is turning out quite the way she imagined, however. Two clans are determined to have her for their mate, but are they the right men for her? Meanwhile, her mother’s rocky road to recovery is driving her insane. Clashes old and new threaten Shalia’s hopes for the relationships she’s fought so hard for.


What’s a woman to do when the fairytale refuses to offer a happy ending? When it’s Shalia Monroe, anything and everything.

Contains BDSM content.


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