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Dark Empire Book Two


An alien enemy is closing in on an unaware galaxy. Can the few hold off the All?

The alien force dubbed the Darks has grabbed control of key positions on Kalquor and the
Galactic Council of Planets. Other leaders are still unaware of the threat among them. The galaxy is wide open for destruction to an unfathomable enemy.

Former emperor Nobek Yuder has suspicions. Due to restrictions placed on him after a prison
sentence, he can only stand by and watch helplessly. A renegade Royal Councilman has designs to bring him back to the political arena, but doing so could destabilize the Kalquorian Empire, leaving it vulnerable to invasion. Meanwhile, one man on the brink of death, the only man who can detect the nearly invisible
Darks, is pulled from a lifeless shuttle by Captains Kila and Nako. His incredible story tells them they’re in a race against time to save not only the empire but the whole galaxy…but are they already too late?

On Earth II, Governor Stacy Nichol’s relationship with Clan Rihep continues to grow. So does the danger, as opponents make deadly moves against her and the orbiting Kalquorian station where the clan lives. Nobek Kuran is determined to keep his clanmates and would-be lifemate safe, but how can he stop a faceless enemy?

Relationships, old and new, are strained to the breaking point at a time when Earthers and
Kalquorians need each other more than ever. The Darks are closing in, and no one is ready to
oppose them.

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