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Clan Beginnings:

To Clan and Conquer

Starting a clan is not on ambitious First Officer Tranis’ agenda; he is too busy building a career in the Kalquorian fleet.  It’s a good thing since the Nobek who captures his interest belongs to the captain and the Imdiko he can’t stop thinking about is not his type.


Weapons Commander Lidon feels his best days are behind him.  The Imdiko he wants avoids him, and the new Dramok first officer is obviously too young to consider an older, crippled Nobek.  However, an unexpected invitation makes Lidon wonder if there is something more to look forward to after all.


Head doctor Degorsk hides behind an offbeat sense of humor that shocks and keeps his fellow crewmembers at arms’ length – exactly where he wants them.  But one Nobek refuses to be discouraged and the new first officer is too much temptation to deny himself. 


As the trio is pulled together by attraction and pushed back apart by fear, an old enemy threatens the Kalquorian Empire.  With no choice but to rely on each other for survival, Tranis, Lidon, and Degorsk are forced to expose their greatest terrors to each other…and themselves.


This book is the prequel to Clans of Kalquor 3:  Alien Conquest


Contains elements of BDSM, including physical discipline, anal play/intercourse, bondage, Dom/sub play, forced seduction, multiple sexual partners and homoerotic situations (m/m/m).  


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