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Clans of Kalquor 8:

Alien Caged

For most, the Earth/Kalquor War ended years ago.  Yet veteran destroyer captain Zemos and clanmates Oret and Miragin have been captured by a renegade Earther battlecruiser.  They’ve been held in a cell for months now, with no idea where their ultimate fate lies.  Threatened daily, they know their lives can end at any moment.  The only bright spot during their imprisonment has been the lovely woman who brings them their meals and offers the one friendly face amongst their enemies. 


Elisa Mackenzie is among the desperate Earthers trying to survive in the wake of Armageddon.  Surrounded by fanatics who won’t give up a long-lost war, she can’t let herself care for the Kalquorians the ship has taken prisoner.  Her lonely heart, empty for so long, has other ideas.  Knowing the Kalquorians are dangerous and her fanatical shipmates are even more so, Elisa fights her feelings in vain.  Ignoring the harsh lessons of long-lost youth, she falls in love. 


Zemos, Oret, and Miragin know they must escape before the Earthers deliver them to an unthinkable end.  They also know the key to opening their cage means turning on the woman who has infiltrated their fierce hearts.  Elisa already has their adoration.  She deserves their protection and care as well, but enemies both new and ancient threaten the Kalquorian Empire.  To save their people and themselves, the three men may have to destroy the woman who would complete their clan. 


Mild BDSM, including anal play/intercourse, bondage, Dom/sub play, forced seduction, and multiple sexual partners (m/f/m/m). 


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