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Shalia's Diary Book 7:

(A Clans of Kalquor Story)

Shalia’s Diary is an ongoing serial story.  This is Book 7 of that tale, picking up where Book 6 left off.  It is highly advised that you read Books 1 - 6 in their entirety before reading this part.  


Shalia and her friends are only weeks from the safety of the Kalquorian Empire. Unfortunately, enemies are determined that they will not reach Kalquor. Though Shalia trusts in the strength of Betra and Oses, she knows she’s got to do more to keep her daughter Anrel safe.


When the transport comes under attack, it’s up to Shalia to save a lot more people than herself and her child. She’s pushed to her limits as she fights for her friends … and even those she would love to see spaced … against overwhelming odds.


Contains BDSM content.


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