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To Protect and Service:

Ravenous Virtue

Raven Virtue is a ranger with the National Park Service, trying to bring a human slave trafficker to justice.  When he slips away due to a technicality, she knows more innocent women will fall prey to this monster unless she can catch him. 


Daagiis is from an alternate dimension.  A shape-shifting Paatiin warrior, Daagiis has come to our Earth in order to find a protector for his master Vendeen. 


Vendeen is a Gilothean judge determined to right the wrongs of his territory and avenge the murders of his parents.  He will not stop until his enemy is dead or kills him.


When Daagiis saves Raven from certain death, he offers her the chance to stop the trafficker who is bringing kidnapped women across the rift to sell into slavery.  However, pursuing justice means also serving Daagiis and Vendeen in every sensual way they desire.  Collared and made to surrender to pleasures she never dreamed possible, Raven races to stop a menace from destroying lives on both sides of the rift...including Vendeen’s. 


Contains strong elements of BDSM including captive/forced sex, bondage, punishment including whippings, anal play/intercourse, multiple sexual partners (m/f/m), and homoerotic sex (m/m and f/f).


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