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Not of This World


Five stars. The opportunity to dive into a new alien world created by St. John? Pfft! That was a no brainer.


– Angela, Wicked Reads

Alien Embrace


Sizzling SFR with an epic sweep, strong women and hot alien men – this one lit all my rockets!


– Award-winning author Jeffe Kennedy




I really enjoyed reading this book as the author created an interesting world. 

The author has a way of describing things that will take you right into the story and got my blood
pressure up with some of the intensity of the story.  I had to laugh at the way the Plasius leader
took charge in one scene toward the end of the book.

I am looking forward to reading more stories in this series.

– Literary Nymphs




This is Science Fiction Erotica and I got lost in their world. Whether it was the debauchery of

Plasius, or the virility of the Kalquorian males, it just ticked the boxes. There is enough length
for you to lose yourself in their worlds. Very well-written, and with no editing or grammatical
errors to disrupt the reading flow, Alien Embrace is a book to enjoy. Whether you love it or hate
it, you will not be able to call it bland!

– Archaeolibrian

Alien Rule

This was an excellent 2nd book in the Kalquor/Earth Series. It was very hot and exciting; I couldn't put it down until I finished it all. The heroes are VERY alpha but the heroine gave as good as she got, she's a spunky little thing. I can't wait for the next book in the series and hope it comes out really soon. Make sure you go buy the first book too, because if you haven't read it you're going to want to after reading this one.


– Rites of Romance Reviews

Jessica McInness and Michaela Blake are Earth refugees who are hiding on a peaceful world of Plasius. They don't want to return to Earth which has become a planet of religious tyrants. In order to stay away from Earth, Jessica and Michaela have to attract a clan from Kalquorians and become their Matara (mate/child bearer). In every clan there are three sexually charged men willing to please and protect their matara at all cost. Michaela attracts Govi's clan while Jessica attracts crown prince Clajak and his clan. However, their adventure is just beginning especially when half of Kalquorians are opposed to mixed breeding, and Earth is on the brink of war with the Kalquor.


Alien Rule is a fascinating, erotic, entertaining, and romantic tale full of mystery and suspense centering on Jessica and Michaela and the Kalquorians who fall madly in love with them. I enjoyed the intricate civilizational structure on Kalquor and what a dismal planet Earth has become. I too would find myself escaping Earth to seek the Kalquorians who have this animalistic sexual need, technologically advanced society, and are physically superior to human males. The Kalquorian males have two penises. Oh my! I love Kalquor's protectiveness towards all females, whether they are Kalquorians or humans, due to the fact that most Kalquor females are infertile. I found Jessica and Michaela's transformation from weak Earthlings to independent, ass-kicking and wanton women a joy to read throughout the story. I can see why the Kalquorian men (Clajak, Bevau, Egilka, Korkla, Govi and Raxstad) who fall for Jessica and Michaela find them so appealing. The Kalquorian men Jessica and Michaela fall in love with are definitely to die for. They are charming, stubborn, sexually appealing and protective. The abundant love scenes within the story are so scorching hot that I had to repeatedly stop and pounce on my partner. The Kalquorian males need to sexually satisfy their mate/matara is definitely an admirable trait. Even though there were a fair amount of erotic escapades, this story had so much depth in the storyline. The tension between Earth and Kalquor, the political imbalance within Kalquor, and the villains made this story so intriguing that I definitely didn't want to stop reading.


Ms. St. John you rock!

Just Erotic Romance Reviews

Jessica McInness is hoping to attract the attention of a Kalquorian clan to help her escape the puritanical clutches of Earth and her looming death sentence there. However, when she attracts the attention of the Royal clan, she may be getting far more than she bargained for. Can the promise of love and more passion than she ever imagined possible survive the threat of war and rebellion?

This book with its unconventional love story had everything I enjoy in a book. The story and the world in it are detailed and leave you wishing you could visit it in person. The men of the Royal clan are a treat to meet and read about. They are arrogant, stubborn, domineering, and fiercely loyal to their land, while showing great caring and loyalty towards Jessica as the story develops. The writing is well done with the men's feelings for Jessica developing without them losing the essence of who they are or coming across as weak. Jessica proves she's a great match for the men despite her fears of the unknown and issues from her past. She keeps them on their toes and stands up for herself while also allowing herself to revel in their dominance at other times. Even the minor characters come to life through the author's writing. The sex scenes are numerous and thoroughly enjoyable. In fact you may want a nice cold drink on hand before you sit down to read, cause some of them will make you down right hot.

While the book is set in the same world as the author's previous book Alien Embrace, it is a completely stand alone novel, that I could barely put down. In fact, Jessica's plight keeps you reading for the happy ending you know she deserves and hope she finds in Kalquor.


The Romance Studio

It is awesome...I totally fell in love with Clajek and his clan, Egilka and Bevau...The story is

sound!...If sci-fi is your bag, then you must read the Clans of Kalquor series. I totally fell in love
with it and I am sure you will too!

–  The Jeep Diva

Alien Conquest


The sexual scenes in this book are extremely hot, but it is the ending of the story that will take the reader by surprise.


Alien Salvation


This book contains lots of hot sex and a plot filled with action.

Alien Slave

I am totally in love with the Clans of Kalquor series and Alien Slave is another solid story! The
author does a great job of filling you in on past events where it may be needed, so this book can
be read as a standalone.  But once you are in the knee deep in Kalquorians, you won’t want to
stop here! Go back to the beginning and read Alien Embrace, book one, and settle in for amazing


The Jeep Diva




A great addition to the series, and definitely recommended by me.



Alien Redemption 

I absolutely loved this book! Rachel and Conyod are so very good for each other...The ending
was spectacular just as every book prior to this has been! Now I know once you read one book in
the World of Kalquor, Tracy St. John will hook you just as she’s done to me!!... I also enjoyed
seeing clans from prior books for a little check-in!! Now onto the next book!!

– The Jeep Diva

Alien Caged

Each book has it's own unique story packed with action adventure and a healthy dose of erotic fun! Wow! If only I could get my own clan!! 


Deborah Perry, The Jeep Diva Reviews

Alien Hostage

Sizzling SFR with an epic sweep, strong women and hot alien men – this one lit all my rockets!


– Award-winning author Jeffe Kennedy


Ms. St. John boldly goes where many authors would shy from ... for this I applaud her. This is a solid read that's enjoyable for those who can appreciate her efforts and insightfulness in writing it. I'll gladly disclose that I'm part of the group who'll be looking forward to reading any sequels to come in the series.




All I can say is, get out the hose, because this book set me on fire. I've only been reading erotica for the past couple months, and this one was a scorcher. The great thing is, it was well written. Tracy St. John was able to keep my attention through the whole story, without getting that repetitive feeling you sometimes get with lots of sex scenes.


Anyone who's looking for a bone melting erotica with aliens and a little bit of BDSM should give this book a try.


RomFan Reviews




The heroes are wonderful in their Alpha-ness. They are absolutely certain that what they want is what should happen and they are so hot that I was more than happy to go along with them. I think fans of the real erotic, futuristic science fiction are going to enjoy this book as much as I did.


Happily Ever After Reviews




Living quietly among the aliens of Plasius, Amelia Ryan is living her dream. She provides sensual art to her Plasius hosts and lives free from the tyranny of a fanatically religious Earth government. While working on a new painting, Amelia meets a three-man clan from the planet Kalquor, a world poised on the brink of extinction due to the lack of mates. When the Kalquorians meet Amelia, they begin to court her, hoping she will agree to be their mate. When Amelia turns them down, they kidnap her and hope to change her mind, using every erotic weapon at their disposal.


Alien Embrace is a shockingly erotic look into Amelia's seduction by her Kalquorian men. I was hooked from page one and could not put the book down. Every clan consisted of three men, the Dramok, Imdiko and Nobek, and each has a unique personality. The Dramok is the clan leader, while the Imdiko is the nurturer, and the Nobek is the clan's protector. The three men work well, each have distinct personalities, making it easy to separate one from the other. Amelia is very confused about her place in life, having been raised in a fanatically religious environment and been abused during her youth. I loved how she wanted to enjoy everything her men did to her but part of her feared letting go. Her metamorphosis is both uplifting and extremely erotic. The eroticism is both disturbing at times and so incredibly arousing that I was somewhat uncomfortable with how charged the sex scenes were. They were just that carnally intense. However, a few of these sex scenes are not for the faint of heart. They including forced seduction and very thoroughly descriptions of past abuse that Amelia experienced from other sexual partners. Overall, I highly recommend Alien Embrace for its detailed characterization and extremely erotic sex scenes. I can't wait to try out the next book set in this strangely enticing world.

Just Erotic Romance Reviews


This book is packed with sizzling hot sex that will keep the reader’s cold shower working overtime.

Netherworld 1: Drop Dead Sexy

WOW, talk about hot! If the afterlife is like this, I want to go.


Fallen Angel Reviews

Unholy Union

A man of the cloth. A demon. Both are in love with the same woman. Who will win? When good and evil collide, expect chaos and heart-thumping action!

The sex is pure decadence on a stick and very naughty indeed! Containing elements of voyeurism, exhibitionism, and BDSM, be prepared to gasp in both shock and ecstasy!

The Romance Reviews




Ms. St. John gives the reader a story filled with hot sex, unholy desires, and plot twists that will keep the reader glued to the page.

Sensual Read

To Protect and Service: Ravenous Virtue


I loved the BDSM/sex scenes, definitely squirm worthy.


RomFan Reviews




Ravenous Virtue is just what I've been waiting for. An unconventional love story, set in an awesome new sci-fi universe, with hot alien antiheroes as the abductors.



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