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Clan Beginnings:

Clan and Commit

Preparing for war. Fending off a vengeful stalker. It’s the perfect time for romance on Kalquor.


In one day, Dramok Bacoj realizes his cherished dream only to have it snatched away. Then he meets the perfect man, Imdiko Vax. Unfortunately, Vax is a firm believer in career before love, so he’s unavailable for courtship. Or is he? Fending off a vengeful stalker, he turns to Bacoj for
help, and discovers a romance he can’t easily set aside.

Nobek Japohn is all the protector a clan could hope for. However, the young warrior’s personality isn’t geared toward working well with others. Yet when he sees the handsome pair of Bacoj and Vax in the sort of trouble only he can save them from, long-shattered hopes rise anew.
Maybe he can be part of a clan, if they’ll only give him a chance…

…and if a lunatic bent on murder doesn’t kill them first.
Contains mild BDSM and menage situations.


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