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To Protect and Service:

Righteous Fury

Kimi Furio has lost it all: her family, her best friend, and her job. Why keep going when there’s nothing left to live for? When an alien from another dimension offers her a chance at redemption, she’s not interested…but he’s not taking no for an answer.

Laaruu of Paatuun has only one goal. He wants a servant to love, one strong enough to fight by his side in a dangerous universe ruled by a murderous crime lord. He’s not interested in taking up a cause to save abducted Earth women who face a horrific future as slave breeders. Kimi, with a side of revenge, is all he has in mind. However, she delivers an ultimatum he can’t refuse: fight
at her side to free the kidnapped women, and she’ll sign a contract, making her his slave.

Fighting each other as much as their enemies, Kimi and Laaruu are in a race against time to save the alternate galaxy and Earth from a man who will stop at nothing to annihilate those who oppose him. When they have to save each other too, they discover a bond that transcends mere duty.

Will love make them stronger? Or will it destroy them?


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