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Built to Last

A sheltered woman and a haunted cyborg, fighting the odds to thwart pirates and save a space station stricken by a fatal disease, have no business falling in love. Of course, that’s exactly what they do.


Victor was a cyborg spy during the corporate wars that devastated Earth. Now he’s a refitted demo model for CyberServe, spotlighting the services a repurposed cyborg can offer…in life and love. Suave, cultured, and fully realized as a sentient being, Victor has it all, except the love he wants for himself.

Amadis Dubois has played second fiddle to the powerful her entire life. Now she has the chance to prove to everyone and herself she has what it takes to lead. She accepts a humanitarian mission to bring desperately needed medical supplies to a disease-stricken space station. If she can pull off rescuing thousands of lives, she can finally move out of others’ shadows.

Fending off the attentions of a lovelorn cyborg becomes a secondary concern when the captain of Amadis’ ship dies suddenly, leaving her the only human on board. With her career-setting mission endangered, pirates and rebels threatening at every turn, she has to turn to Victor for assistance after trying to keep him at a distance. Between moments of fighting for her life, she’s vulnerable to the
numerous charms of the cyborg she has no business falling for.

Life and love hang in the balance for Amadis and Victor, with trouble at every turn. They can have it all,
if they survive.

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