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Dark Empire Book Three

Secret War

Time is running out to halt the Darks’ march to the Kalquorian Empire’s annihilation.

Finally home on Kalquor, Dramok Ilid is haunted by his encounter with the Darks, which he
barely survived. His struggle far from over, Ilid’s sanity and the empire’s existence hang on a
quickly unraveling thread. When he learns the Darks have arrived on Kalquor, even his family’s
love may not be able to keep him from an unthinkable end.

On Earth II, head of planetary security Nobek Kuran’s hands are full: meeting his potential
in-laws, training his replacement, and keeping tabs on a rogue lieutenant governor with a secret agenda. His troubles are only beginning when a deadly attack on those he loves drives him to the brink of murder. Meanwhile, spy Nobek Selt finds himself growing far too close to his subject, reporter Blythe Nelson. Does his clan dare to romance a woman devoted to uncovering the truth, including their secret activities on her world?

Having wiped out the entire Bi’is civilization, the Darks have seized control of the Galactic
Council of Planets and attempt to bring the Kalquorian Empire to its knees. Clans Tranis and
Piras are desperate to stop the enemy from destroying Kalquor and its allies. Can Hope Nath and Chief Engineer Lokmi capture a lethal enemy capable of passing through all known barriers?

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