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First Mataras: Iliana

Their agreement didn’t include falling in love. What happens when a ruse becomes reality?

Iliana Rossi’s reluctance to join a Kalquorian clan comes from a terrible loss that leaves no room in her heart for any men. Dodging the alien three-man clans eager for a Earther mate is a full-time job, and she’s running out of patience with those desperate to change her mind.

Hanvel, Selbi, and Cosdas pursue Matara Deefa, a rare unclanned Kalquorian woman. She’s everything they could possibly want. But her parents have promised her to another clan, and Clan Hanvel can’t seem to convince Deefa that love is more important than rank and family

When Iliana meets Clan Hanvel, the solution seems obvious. They embark on a fake courtship that satisfies societal and family pressure; a relationship that requires no love, no commitment, and no responsibilities to each other.

But when passion wakes for the reluctant foursome, they have a choice to make: loyalty to the impossible past or a chance for love they can keep.

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