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Nether World 4:

Animal Attraction

For ghost Brandilynn Payson, there is no such thing as resting in peace. Trapped in a vampire’s body during the night much to the horror of those surrounding her ... particularly her former sweetheart Tristan ... she struggles to cope with an afterlife that keeps getting more complicated.  


Even with her one true love Dan and werepanther Gerald helping her, Brandilynn struggles to find her way. As she deals with a body that desires more than just blood, Brandilynn must also come to terms with her former lovers triangle and the new unwanted one that has come about. Plus she must now face a member of her family who cast her aside. 


Worse still, the town’s shifter population is disappearing without a trace. As if her afterlife isn’t crazy enough with personal failure and heartbreak, an unspeakable threat menaces Brandilynn’s friends and family. 


Being a vampire is tough. Keeping those she loves alive is even tougher. 


Contains elements of BDSM.


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