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Warriors of Risnar:

Worlds Collide

Engineer Velia Farrah always wanted to see an alien up close. Now that she’s assigned to study the top
secret portal linking Earth to other worlds, she’ll get her chance. But when a fierce, gold-skinned alien
from Risnar leaps from the portal and whisks her back to his home planet, “up close” takes on a whole
new meaning. 

Believing Earthlings had killed his fellow warriors, Jape Bolep is determined to destroy Earth’s access to
Risnar once and for all. Grabbing a curvy handful of a human wasn’t part of the plan, but he has no
intention of letting her distract him from his need for vengeance—no matter how much he aches to
make her his.

Both are ready to do battle over right and wrong and good and evil, and their combustible relationship
burns hotter than the sun's surface. But distrust and treachery from all sides leave Velia and Jape in a fight against their own people to keep each other alive—and to ultimately save both Earth and Risnar
from total destruction.

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