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Dark Empire Book One

Shadows Approach

A new planet. A new enemy. Is the end coming for the Kalquorian Empire?

In the aftermath of the Kalquorian civil war and the defeat of the Bi’is invasion fleet, the
empire has enjoyed peace. A new Earth has been born. A Kalquorian leads the Galactic Council of Planets. An era of harmony seems assured.

However, new dangers arrive on the horizon. Earth governor Stacy Nichols finds herself
at odds with powerful opponents who want Earth II to return to the old ways that led to the
demise of their original planet. They’ll do anything to stop her, especially when they discover her newfound romance with Clan Rihep of Kalquor.

After five years and a terrifying encounter with an unknown entity, Clan Piras is finally leaving their spy duties in Bi’is space. Now they must face enemies closer to home: the families
of those they sacrificed while on a secret mission during the Kalquorian civil war.

A new threat to the existence of Kalquor and the entire Galactic Council of Planets
arrives in the midst of these challenges, a dark menace unlike anything faced before. One young, inexperienced spyship ensign is all that stands between the galaxy and utter destruction. Can he warn the empire in time…or is it already too late?

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