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Shalia's Diary Book 8:

(A Clans of Kalquor Story)

Shalia and her friends are finally safe within the Kalquorian Empire … or so they think. It turns out Shalia has at least one more scrape to get into before she can call herself secure. 


Once she does get to Kalquor, it is time to assess where her life will go. Clans Seot and Aslada are vying for her attention. Her mother’s health issues must be addressed. Her infant daughter Anrel needs her too.


In addition, Shalia must face something even harder than fighting off a platoon of Tragooms, a body thieving alien weapon, or a trophy-hunting Little Creep. She must say goodbye to the two men who have kept her safe and sane through the months of travel from Earth to Kalquor. Once again, Shalia must let go and move on.


Contains BDSM content.


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