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Clan Beginnings:

Clan and Covenant

Initially unsure about their impending arranged union, Dramok Korkla and Nobek Raxstad have grown to
care for each other. They’re impatient to begin their life together when their parents spring a surprise on
them: a third clanmate, someone they’ve never met, has been chosen to join them.

Imdiko Govi has delayed being promised to a clan for several reasons: his burgeoning psychology career
and a past arranged clanship that went horribly wrong. However, his parents are certain they’ve found the
perfect Dramok and Nobek for him and won’t take no for an answer.

The trio is reluctant to give the arranged relationship a chance, but sparks soon fly. Love seems assured,
but trouble is waiting in the wings. Govi is crushed when he fails a patient, sending him into a tailspin that threatens his newfound relationship. Worse, as a member of the Royal House staff, Korkla soon finds himself in the path of a murderous foe. An attack on Raxstad threatens to destroy the clan before it begins.

Love on Kalquor is wonderful, but only if the trio survives to enjoy it.


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