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Now Available for Pre-Order (Releases May 14, 2021)

Clan Companions:


He never believed in love at first sight, especially love that was forbidden. Then he met a Kalquorian clan.

After fleeing Earth’s Mercy Colony six years before, Gabriel Rossi and his sister Iliana have carved out a decent life on a remote Adraf space station. Each avoids contact with other humans as much as possible. Gabriel’s life is adequate, but he yearns to be free to love as he was born to.


Clan Baknu has been tasked with convincing Iliana to return to Kalquor with them to join a clan. But when Baknu, Takat, and Kisk meet her stunning older brother, they’re eager to claim an Earther companion of their own.


Though Gabriel falls for the three men on sight, his priority is Iliana, who’s less than enthralled about joining a Kalquorian clan. Worse still, a sadistic slave trader is determined to claim Gabriel for purposes too terrible to imagine.


Clan Baknu pulls out all the stops to convince the Rossis that they can find love and happiness among the Kalquorians. They dare death to keep Gabriel out of the grasp of a murderous crime lord, who won’t stop until the Earther is his. Yet their greatest challenge is showing Gabriel dreams can come true…if he’ll accept their love.


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