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Warriors of Risnar:

Worlds Apart

After escaping her alien captors, Anneliese Thompson has reclaimed her life on Earth, but she
never forgot the Risnarish man who set her free. Now he’s back with an ominous message—the
Monsuda are coming for her again. To survive, she must return to his planet and let his people
help her. But this former soldier is done sitting on the sidelines—this time, Anneliese wants in
on the fight.

Risnar warrior and scientist Nex Clauhahz searches for the former captives he freed from the
Monsudan hive. Anneliese’s fire and strength instantly draw him to her. He vows to do
whatever it takes to protect her, even if he has to save her from herself.

As alliances are threatened and new enemies are uncovered, Nex and Anneliese search for a
way to defeat their common foe. With everything she cares for teetering on the verge of
destruction, including her own warrior strength, Anneliese must prove her loyalty and
worth—and embrace a second chance at love and a life worth living.

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