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Dark Empire Book Five

Desperate Measures

All-out war has begun, with innocents caught in the crossfire.


Former nun Cheryl Taupin and her husband Nobek Besral, in charge of the remaining orphans of Earth’s Armageddon, watch the terrible events unfolding in the Dark-overrun Galactic Council of Planets. Kalquorians in Galactic Council space are being rounded up to suffer an unknown fate and martial law is declared on many of the system’s worlds. A desperate plea to the Kalquorian Empire sends Admiral Piras and Captain Kila to the orphanage…but how can a lone spyship protect hundreds of children against the full might of the Galactic Council’s warships bent on destruction?

Charity Nath has been brought to Alpha Space Station to hide from those determined to exact vengeance against her father. Young and irrepressible, she’s determined to claim a measure of freedom from stifling restrictions placed on her. When her identity and location are revealed, her Kalquorian protectors must thwart those who’d harm her while contending with her stubborn refusal to be kept in check.

Imdiko Betra has done his best to put the past behind him. He knows letting go of the only woman he could ever love was the best course of action. But when he encounters Shalia Monroe again, his heart speaks louder than his conscience. Will unquenchable desire destroy the life she’s built, or will Betra’s clanmates Oses and Resan stop him from doing the unthinkable?

Against the backdrop of pandemic and plague, Kalquor and Earth II fight for their very survival against an enemy they’re only beginning to learn the strength of. As the All tightens its fearsome grip on the galaxy, humans and Kalquorians alike tremble on the verge of annihilation.

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