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First Mataras:


Defying Earth laws and beliefs, putting her life in danger, Maryam carries the child of a grieving Kalquorian clan—and falls in love with men she can’t have.

Maryam left Earth’s repressive regime and her ruined dreams years ago. She lives on an alien space station, trying to forget her disappointments. Then a young, pregnant Kalquorian woman, seeking one last adventure, barrels into her life. High-spirited Briel reminds Maryam of all she’s given up on.

Matara Briel is soon followed to the station by her clan, three older men exasperated with her antics. Clan Kels has one mission: to reclaim their wayward lifemate. When the discovery is made that Earther women can carry Kalquorian men’s children and save their people from extinction, Dramok Kels is tasked with a new mission by his government: bring Maryam to Kalquor, by force if necessary.

Abducted, Maryam is determined to resist her kidnappers at every turn. Earth declares her corrupted and orders her execution for sinful relations with the Kalquorians, a charge she is innocent of. They attack the ship taking her to the Kalquorian Empire, leading to unthinkable tragedy—the death of Briel.

Discovering Dramok Kels, Imdiko Pana, and Nobek Dergan are not the ruthless enemies she believed them to be, Maryam makes a deal—she’ll carry their unborn child to term if they set her free afterward. However, she’s not prepared for the impossible love that explodes between her and Clan Kels, a love they dare not act on.

Or will they?


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