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Shalia’s Diary Book 12 Press Kit

Release Date: January 19, 2018

Publisher: Tracy St. John

Format: Novel * Genre: Science Fiction Romance * Length: 62,232 words

Cover Artist: Erin Dameron-Hill, EDH Graphics

eBook ISBN: 978-1- 940294-33- 9

Print ISBN: 978-1- 983964-66- 4

Characters: Shalia Monroe, Dramok Seot, Nobek Larten, Imdiko Cifa, Anrel, Dramok Nang

In the final, definitive chapter of Shalia’s adventure, she faces her greatest challenge…a danger
that threatens life and soul.

Shalia’s happily-ever- after is in full swing, and life couldn’t be better. Fulfilled in career,
success, and love, she imagines the dark days are behind her. Then a message arrives, a message
that could have come from only one man. Despite Shalia’s protective clan and even Kalquor’s
best law enforcement, there is no guarantee she’ll come out all right in the end.

She’s readied for this moment, but she’s still taken by surprise when an old nemesis shows up to
steal her happy ending. Love and affection denied turns into violence and hatred…both for
Shalia and the enemy who will destroy everything in his obsessive need to possess her.

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Chapter 1 pdf


March 21

It’s got to be Nang. He must be here, watching me. Stalking me.

The nightmare began this morning. Of course, I was happy as I could be when it started. I’d
beaten Cifa to the baby for a change, enjoying the rare privilege of getting her ready for her day.
She burbled, “Mom-mom- mom,” at me, which made me even happier. Hearing her talk to me
never gets old.

We’d all slept in after last night’s party. I’m pretty sure Joelle had kept Anrel up late, playing
with her and enjoying time with her granddaughter. At any rate, she’d slept well after daybreak
too, waking after all the rest of us. No one was working today, so it was a good time to be lazy.

However, I’d tucked my com into my pocket out of habit, like I do most workdays. I’d just put
Anrel on my hip, turning to the door to carry her to breakfast, when it vibrated against my thigh,
alerting me that a message had been left.

Cooing and smiling at my sweetheart, I fished the com out of my pocket. I didn’t even check for
the frequency before I said, “Check message.”

I looked at the readout, and all my happy went away. Life isn’t always sex on the beach. They’ll
never make you happy. Only I can. We’ll be together soon.

My heart boomed so loud, at first I thought someone was stomping down the hall. I couldn’t feel
my legs, and the one rational thought I had was, don’t you dare fall and drop the baby. I
tightened my grip on Anrel as I stared at my com.

I read the message again. And again. The words stayed the same, refusing to change. And the
first sentence seemed to loom the largest.

Life isn’t always sex on the beach.

Nang had been there, watching me and Larten. Spying on our intimate moments, his prying eyes
on us as we made love. He’d been right there.

Somehow, I made my rubbery legs move. Clutching my still-chattering baby close, my com in a
death grip, those awful sentences burned on my retinas, I staggered down the hall to the kitchen
where my clan assembled breakfast.

“My Nobek.” My voice sounded ridiculously normal to me, far too typical given the
circumstances. Larten’s finely-honed instincts must have heard something off, however, because
he turned to me quickly, his gaze intent and nostrils flaring as if to catch a scent.

“What is it?” He was in front of me, taking the com from my hand and reading the message
before I could utter a word.

“It’s him. It must be Nang,” I said, my voice still weirdly regular, at least as far as I could tell.

Seot and Cifa rushed over to read the message too. My Imdiko cursed and pulled me close,
sandwiching Anrel between us, as if to protect her.

“I’m checking the trace,” Larten said as Seot, scowling fiercely, pulled out his own com and told
it to connect with Officer Breft’s frequency.

By the time Breft and his dreadlocked partner Raxstad arrived, Larten had discovered a few
interesting and terrifying things. First of all, the message had been recorded the night before, but
sent this morning on a delay. Second of all, it had been sent from the very beach where the
business party had been held, while it was being held.

Everything was reported to the Global Security officers that I have had far too much contact
with. Breft asked me, “There is absolutely no one else who might be doing this, at least not that
you can think of? It’s not that I doubt your opinion. I just want to make sure we’re not narrowing
the field prematurely.”

“Not at all. Especially not someone who would tell me we were meant to be together.” The hair
on my neck rose just saying that.

Breft rubbed his forehead. “I agree. The reports I read as to Dramok Nang’s state of mind before
he disappeared from Earth shows intent and an unbalanced mind. Okay, I’m going to continue to
try and find evidence that he’s made it to Kalquor—but I’m going to operate on the premise that
he is here and stalking you.” He glanced at Raxstad.

The musclebound behemoth nodded. “All law enforcement of every kind will be alerted to look
out for him. Local, territorial, ours—everyone. He’ll be found and arrested on sight.”

I almost told Nobek Raxstad that everyone kept saying that, and with the same conviction. Yet
Nang hadn’t been caught on his way here. He’d made it to Kalquor. He had gotten in close
enough to see me and Larten frolicking in the dunes.

If he got that close to me, how easily could he get to Anrel? Even with security and guards
everywhere, trying to keep her safe?

I was scared. Yet I was also abruptly pissed off. I’d already endured Anrel being snatched,
though by someone who had immediately regretted her actions and tried to make things right. I
had no illusions Nang would feel the first stab of conscience over devastating me in such a way.
He had left his clan. He had dodged capture to get to Kalquor. He meant to have ‘his’ family.
Such an intense fixation could turn ugly. Deadly even.

I didn’t want to see Nang hurt. I really didn’t. However, if it came down between him and Anrel,
he would lose every fucking time.

I asked Breft, “How overt does the threat from Nang have to be for killing through self-defense
or to keep my child safe to be valid on Kalquor?”

The Nobek’s eyebrow lifted as he regarded me. “Do you think you could do such a thing?”

“For my daughter? Without hesitation.”

“She’s trained for hand-to- hand, blade, and firearms,” Larten said, his voice filled with pride.
“Not that I expect her to have to do so herself with me around.”

“She’s taken out dozens of Tragooms,” Seot added. “If worst came to worst, Shalia could hand
this Nang his—”

“Baby,” Cifa warned, putting his hands over Anrel’s ears.

“Back end,” Seot finished.

Breft and Raxstad exchanged grins. Breft told me, “Matara, if Dramok Nang does nothing more
than wave hello to you, you are welcome to blast his head off. Threat has already been
established. Feel free to defend yourself at the mere sight of him.”

Dear prophets, I hope it doesn’t come to that. But my priorities remain unchanged since I first
went to Oses to ask for training back on the Pussy ‘Porter. Whatever it takes, I will defend my

Last came the usual suggestions, though Breft and Raxstad delivered them with far more
insistence: Anrel and I must never be left alone. Report anything suspicious right away. And
Breft was doubling the security flybys around our home.

It seems like it should be enough. With my luck and Nang possibly slipping onto the planet
under everyone’s noses, I fear it’s not.

Facts and Information About the Novel


* Shalia’s Diary is a serial story, begun in 2012 on a free blog. The incredible popularity of
Shalia’s Diary prompted Tracy to release the stories in a series of books.

* Shalia has no physical description. She was written that way so that the reader could imagine
herself in Shalia’s shoes.

* Shalia is part of the Kalquorian universe, but an entirely separate series. However, characters
from the Clans of Kalquor series do appear on occasion in the diary.

* Shalia’s Diary Book 12 is Tracy’s 43rd published book.

Q & A

Q: This is the final chapter of Shalia’s story. Tell us about that.
A: Shalia’s journey has essentially ended, except for one last obstacle she had to face. She’s
found her true loves, established herself in her chosen career, surmounted most of her major
character issues. She told me loud and clear she was ready to wrap her story up, so I’m doing so.


Q: With great sadness or relief?
A: A little of both. I’m going to miss that woman. She’s been a constant in my life for almost six
years now. We’ve been through a lot together. But in my head, she feels like she’s had enough.


Q: You make it sound as if she’s real.
A: She feels real. She has her own distinct personality. She’s a part of me, but at the same time,
she’s not me. It’s hard to explain.

Q: Do you have another diary of another character in the works?
A: No, not at all. Shalia’s Diary was a very special adventure, unique in a way that would be
difficult to repeat. I’m not saying I would never do another story in this way, but it would have to
be something amazing to happen again.


Q: What about stories of other characters in the diary?
A: I’ve been asked about that, and it’s floating in the back of my mind. I have no idea if any of
the others would get their own stories at this point. It’s too soon to tell.


Q: So this final book…what can we expect?
A: The shadow that’s been hanging over Shalia for some time finally manifests. We’ve been
waiting for this confrontation for a while.


Q: Dramok Nang?
A: It had to happen. I’m not going to say anything to give away more than that.


Q: What is up next for your readers?
A: The long-awaited first Warriors of Risnar book, Not of This World. It’s due out on February 5
from Carina Press.


Q: Is it anything like the Clans of Kalquor?
A: It’s a totally new world, with new alien men to enjoy. Not of This World has all the escapism
you’d expect from my books, with a little more romance than Kalquor. But still very hot
interactions and tons of adventure.


Q: Do these new aliens from Risnar have any unearthly attributes? Anything along the lines of
Kalquorian duality, if you get my meaning?
A: Ha! How about appendages formed at will in a variety of sizes and shapes and uses? The
Risnarish are a whole other ballgame where alien fun is concerned.

You can keep up with all things Kalquor and Risnar at and sign up
for Tracy’s newsletter there.

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