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Righteous Fury Press Kit

Series Name: To Protect and Service

Release Date: April 5, 2019

Publisher: Self-published

Format: Novel * Genre: Science Fiction Romance * Length: 70,000 words

eBook ISBN: 978-1-940294-36-0

Characters: Kimi Furio, Laaruu


Kimi Furio has lost it all: her family, her best friend, and her job. Why keep going when there’s
nothing left to live for? When an alien from another dimension offers her a chance at
redemption, she’s not interested…but he’s not taking no for an answer.

Laaruu of Paatuun has only one goal. He wants a servant to love, one strong enough to fight by
his side in a dangerous universe ruled by a murderous crime lord. He’s not interested in taking up
a cause to save abducted Earth women who face a horrific future as slave breeders. Kimi, with a
side of revenge, is all he has in mind. However, she delivers an ultimatum he can’t refuse: fight
at her side to free the kidnapped women, and she’ll sign a contract, making her his slave.

Fighting each other as much as their enemies, Kimi and Laaruu are in a race against time to save
the alternate galaxy and Earth from a man who will stop at nothing to annihilate those who
oppose him. When they have to save each other too, they discover a bond that transcends mere

Will love make them stronger? Or will it destroy them?

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Chapter 1 Link

Excerpt 1

Laaruu heaved a breath. “I always saw myself taking care of any slave I took on, as I was
taught we Paatiin should do. You’re supposed to be able to rely on me, without feeling the need
to question.”

“What about us relying on each other? Maybe I’d be honored if you could count on me

He considered. She waited, letting him work out the conflict of what kind of slave he’d
thought he should have, and the person he’d been driven to claim.

With real effort, Laaruu said, “I could try. It’ll be difficult, though. We Paatiin are not
used to consulting with our slaves.”

“Don’t worry. I’ll tell you to fuck off, as needed.” She grinned.

He laughed. When he held his arms out to her, Kimi went readily. She responded to his
kiss, rubbing wantonly against him as the program told her he’d enjoy.

“Do we have time for you to lord over me?” She nipped his lower lip naughtily.

His eyes brightened. As it turned out, they did have a little time to kill.

Excerpt 2

She panted as the pain became more manageable. “Torture. That’s what you offer.”

“That can be a part of it. But there is no point in discussing anything with you until you
have regained some semblance of sense. Until you start living like the honorable creature you
once were.” Laaruu started taking his clothes off.

Kimi scrambled along the couch to get away from him, simultaneously yanking at her
panties to cover herself. “What are you doing?”

“Beginning your training and salvation. Go into the shower and set it for your preferred
temperature. We’ll start by washing the stench of liquor off you.”

He was naked. His body was magnificent, that stunning middle ground between rampant
muscularity and grace. Flowing and strong, all at once. Gorgeous. Kimi did her damnedest not to

Sure she knew where Laaruu planned for this to end, she snarled, “I’m not doing
anything that you want.”

She’d barely gotten the statement out when a new blast of pain seared every coherent
thought from her brain. She rolled off the couch in agony. Fortunately, this time it abated

Laaruu’s tone held a note of mockery. “If you give yourself to me, and you will want to,
you’ll do everything I want. Now, I’m not unreasonable, Kimi. If you have a valid complaint or
concern, I’ll be glad to hear it. I will be prepared to change my mind, if it is warranted. But
nothing frivolous. Nothing petty.”

She peered up at him through tangled blond hair. “I call refusing to be ogled or raped
valid, you monstrous shit.”

He still stood with his arms crossed, looking almost bored. “You are in no condition to
name terms. As for being raped—I refuse to lay a hand on you. Or any other body part, for that
matter. Not until you beg me to.”

She choked out a laugh. “It’s not going to happen.”

“We shall see. In the meantime, you’ll bathe. You are a disgusting little animal right now,
wallowing in your self-pity as well as filth. Go.”

“Fuck—” A blast of pain stopped her in mid-charge as well as mid-fuck you. She
crumpled to the floor once more with a scream.

Excerpt 3

Laaruu almost succeeded in swiping her skull. She deflected the blow at the last instant,
and he beamed with pride. “The program is working perfectly.”

“Yeah, otherwise you’d have a dead darling.”

“Hanos is not well versed in disciplines like liofu. He’s all about blasters and guns.”

“These sticks aren’t going to do a lot of good against those.” They continued fighting,
and she could feel her array computing a solution against his covering the wall. She grew
impatient with not finding a way to grabbing a second daakgee.

“Any advantage is worth having.”

“Agreed.” Maybe her advantage lay not in a program, but in her own knowledge of hand-
to-hand combat.

Kimi concentrated on Laaruu’s chest and eye movements. Bingo. He was betraying his
next move every time. The program grasped the new information and fed it into the matrix.

In a flurry of movement too fast for even Kimi to conceive, she drove Laaruu from the
wall. Then, just as she realized she didn’t need the other stick after all, she knocked both of his
away and swept his legs out from under him, flinging him on his back. In the space of half a
breath, she was sitting on his heaving chest, her knees pinning his arms at his sides.

She chortled. “It looks like the master has been mastered.”

He laughed with her. “Nice work. I believe I deserve to pay a penalty. Is there any prize
in particular you wish to claim as your reward?”

Kimi licked her lips. Her blood was up after the round of combat, and his offer to let her
take the lead for once gave her plenty of ideas. Starting with putting him in his place.

“You damned sure better believe I’ll take that offer.” She pulled the sash around his waist
loose. “To start with, those robes are coming off.”

Facts and Information About the Novel

* Righteous Fury is the long-awaited follow-up to 2013’s Ravenous Virtue. They are under the
series name ‘To Protect and Service’ since they feature law enforcement heroines.

* Righteous Fury comes from Kimi Furio’s name. Kimi is a female Japanese name meaning
righteous and the Italian surname Furio translates to fury. Kimi was adopted by a Japanese-
Italian couple.

* This book features a hero of the Paatuun people in an alternate universe. Laaruu can change his
appearance at will (as Daagiis did in Ravenous Virtue).

* The ‘To Protect and Service’ books are dark erotica. They contain dubious consent and intense

* Righteous Fury is Tracy’s 49th published book.

Q & A

Q: Finally! You returned to the To Protect and Service universe.
A: I had to. There were unresolved issues regarding the kidnapped women of Earth.



Q: What took so long?
A: Kalquor got in the way and took over my life with its civil war. Then Risnar came along—too
many universes, too little time.



Q: How does this start out?
A: Back in the first book, Ravenous Virtue, Raven had left Earth behind for the alternate
universe. She’d also left her best friend Kimi Furio, who was faced with a lot of blood, bullets,
and no body or answers. Kimi was sure Raven had died. In a few short years of tremendous loss,
this was the one that broke her. She’s spending all her time drinking when a Paatiin named
Laaruu shows up looking for her.


Q: Laaruu was also in Ravenous Virtue, as a minor character.
A: He’s the head of Prince Saazeer’s security force. He was so impressed with Raven, he decided
he wanted an Earthling “darling” (as the Paatiin refer to them) of his own. So he came to Earth to
find Kimi.


Q: And?
A: And he finds a tough, mesmerizing, but self-destructive version of what she’d been. He’s
intrigued, but Kimi’s a mess, and he decides to clean her up.


Q: I take it Kimi doesn’t want to be cleaned up?
A: Not at all. She wants to finish obliterating herself. Only the news that Raven is still alive and
fighting an intergalactic bad guy pulls her from the brink. She also wants to save the Earth
women he abducted from an unthinkable fate, so she signs a contract with Laaruu, making her
his “darling”.


Q: What else should readers know about this book?
A: This is dark erotica. It includes dubious consent, sexual servitude and BDSM. If that’s not
your thing, stay away.

Q: What’s up next? What are you working on now?

A: I’m heading back to Kalquor. I’ll soon begin work on First Mataras: Maryam, which will
focus on one of the women abducted to Kalquor around the same timeframe as Alien Embrace
and Alien Rule. Due to ongoing health issues, it might take me a little while to get Maryam out,
so everyone needs to be patient.

Q: Nothing serious, I hope?
A: I’ve had some increasing problems with old injuries from a car accident I was involved in
about thirty years ago. It’s slowing me down quite a bit. Plus I’m dealing with a minor heart
issue—nothing to worry about; I’m working hard to keep it a minor concern.

You can keep up with all things Kalquor at and sign up for Tracy’s
newsletter there.

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