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Joseph Press Kit

Series Name: Clan Companions

Release Date: November 19, 2018

Publisher: Self-published

Format: Novel * Genre: Science Fiction Romance * Length: 61,000 words

eBook ISBN: 978-1-940294-35-3

Characters: Joseph Walker, Nobek Almon, Nobek Nesof


Released from a criminal psychiatric unit on the planet Kalquor, Joseph Walker starts his life
over with the fierce Nobek who scares and entices him in equal measure. Coming from a society
where same-sex attraction was punished by death, Joseph finds openly loving another man filled
with its share of obstacles. He and Almon are committed to each other, but is it enough?


Making matters worse, Almon is not the only Kalquorian enthralled with Joseph. The Earther’s
other would-be suitor is determined to go through Almon to get what he wants. He will stop at
nothing to take Joseph from Almon…even kill.

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Chapter 1 Link

Excerpt 1

Joseph’s arms circled his waist. “You are everything you should be. All that I want.” He
kissed Almon. Passionately.

The Nobek was angry, and it wasn’t hard for that pent-up frustration to search for an
outlet. His return kiss was rough, demanding, perhaps bruising. Joseph didn’t struggle against
him. Indeed, he moaned in surrender, his lips softening to the assault. His body turning pliable,
melting against Almon’s. The easy submission brought the Nobek to raging excitement.

He lowered Joseph to the seating cushion on the floor. Its surface had been the first place
he’d touched his lover in intimacy. Remembering that encounter, when all he’d dreamed of had
been so possible, brought a cry to his lips. Almon pulled desperately at Joseph’s clothes, yanking
so tearing sounds filled the air. The Earther offered no resistance, however. He only clung to
Almon, caressing him, kissing him, whispering, “My Nobek,” over and over.

When he had his young lover nude, Almon set about kissing every inch of Joseph. The
crease between his eyes. The line of his stubbled jaw. The hollow of his collarbone. He lavished
particular care on his nipples until the tips stiffened hard as diamonds. Joseph twisted in his
arms, overcome by the sensations, his cock swelling against Almon’s stomach. The boy was so
incredibly sensitive.

Almon kept going, tasting each sweet morsel of flesh he could lay his tongue on. The line
of Joseph’s abdomen to his navel. Down a thigh, his knee, his ankles, the tips of each toe. Then
up the other leg, until he reached the crease between thigh and groin. He fondled and kissed
Joseph’s soft ballsack, making the Earther arch with a breathless scream. His shaft, flushed and
eager, with a bead of moisture at the tip, received special attention. Extended attention that
incited Joseph to spurt salty excitement to delight Almon.

“My boy,” Almon groaned. “My delicious, sweet boy.”

“Please, my Nobek.”

Tongue swirling on the flared head of Joseph’s manhood. Tracing the ridge. Measuring
the length of him before taking him in deep, swallowing him so that the boy yelled his name. The
feeling of Joseph quaking beneath him, utterly lost to excitement and helpless to resist, brought
violent heat to Almon’s already throbbing dicks. Almon swallowed him again and again, until
Joseph’s glassy gaze told him he would deny his Nobek nothing.

Excerpt 2

“Almon? Where are you?”

No answer. Worry spiked. Joseph had returned home a few minutes later than he should
have because he and the guys had been so involved in their conversation. His com to alert Almon
that he was running behind had gone unanswered.

Great. He’s probably pissed off with me.

“Hey! No fair with the silent treatment, okay? I tried to com you.” He hurried across the
space and through the kitchen, moving toward the common room. His nose picked up the
familiar scent of a male’s musk tinged with a hint of antiseptic cleanser. He identified who that
smell belonged to at the same moment Nesof stepped into the doorway before him.

Joseph froze. “Nesof! What the hell are you doing here?”

“Rescuing you from an intolerable situation. What the hell is this, you coming home to an
empty apartment? Where is that Nobek who’s supposed to be taking care of you?” Nesof’s
concern was that of a disappointed father catching his kids up to no good.

It did not disarm Joseph. “That’s a good question. Where is Almon?” What have you
done with my Nobek?

“It doesn’t matter. I’m here. And I’m not letting you go.”

Excerpt 3

Almon heaved Joseph to the sleeping mat. The smaller male hadn’t stopped bouncing on
the soft surface before the Nobek jumped on top of him. The next few moments were a torrent of
flailing arms and legs as the pair wrestled each other. Almon could have overcome Joseph with
little effort, but he noticeably held back, giving the Earther opportunities to squirm loose. From

there, Joseph would pretend to try to escape, only to be dragged back into the fray. Almon would
occasionally let Joseph climb on top of him before rolling him over and pinning him.

Each time the Nobek won a round, he’d pull an article of clothing off Joseph. It wasn’t
too long before the Earther was naked, his cock blatant with excitement.

Almon had once again gotten the upper hand when he decided the grappling part of the
fun was over. His fangs sank into Joseph’s thigh, mere inches from his engorged shaft. Joseph
groaned as euphoria swirled through his senses, urging him to cease all attempts to break free.

The Nobek loomed over him, his shirt hanging open to display the strong, scarred chest
that Joseph couldn’t help but run his hands all over. As he did so, Almon returned the favor and
then some, his heavy paws rubbing his shoulders, arms, chest, stomach, thighs. “My sweet little
man,” he growled.

Their eyes met and they stopped moving at the same second, as if obeying some silent
signal. Joseph wasn’t sure he breathed in that instant. All the universe was Almon. His sight
filled with the powerful warrior. The cinnamon-y aroma of Kalquorian arousal permeated the air
he breathed, and he yearned for the taste he knew was his for the asking. The feeling of the
other’s touch on him, the anticipation of that body against his, of the other’s manhood driving
into him—Almon was his world. He was all that mattered.

The Nobek saw the adoration. His mighty voice rumbled. “Thank you.”

Not breaking his gaze, Joseph shook his head. “No, thank you. For saving me. And I
don’t just mean from that maniac. You gave me the life I thought I could never have. Almon,
you are my life.”

“You know what I would tell you, if it weren’t an insult to do so.”

I love you.

“I know.”

Facts and Information About the Novel

* Joseph is the first book of the Clan Companions SFR series, the newest spinoff from the
bestselling Clans of Kalquor series.


* Joseph Walker and Nobek Almon previously appeared in Clans of Kalquor 8: Alien Caged.


* This book features a one-on-one relationship between a Kalquorian and an Earther, who come
to consider each other as clanmates.


* Upcoming Earther heroes for the Clan Companions series are seen in this first book. They are
part of Joseph’s support group.


* Joseph is Tracy’s 48th published book.

Q & A

Q: A new series from the Kalquor universe! How did this come about?

A: There have been mentions of Earther men on Kalquor in a few of CoK and Beginnings books,
which readers responded to. They wanted to know how those relationships were happening and
turning out. In particular, a lot of them were asking about Captain Joseph Walker and Nobek
Almon following Alien Caged, where those two first appeared. They were dying for a happily-
ever-after for that pair.


Q: How does this start out?
A: Joseph has served his sentence in a facility for mentally ill Imdikos. He was placed there in
the hopes he could be rehabilitated from the severe emotional issues he had that led to him
captaining a rogue battlecruiser that took Kalquorian prisoners after the Earth-Kalquor war had


Q: And Nobek Almon waited for him?
A: Almon not only waited for him, but he gave up his fleet career to stay close to Joseph. It turns
out Almon has some emotional hurt in his background as well, and he’s determined to have the
relationship he feels he can forge with Joseph.


Q: But? There’s always a ‘but’.
A: But Joseph still has a phobia about living his sexual orientation openly. Not only that, Almon
is not the only Nobek who is certain Joseph is the love of his life.


Q: Is there a rival for Joseph’s attentions?
A: Not so much a rival as a stalker. Someone else has decided he should be Joseph’s Nobek, and
he’s ready to go to the extreme to make it happen


Q: What else should readers know about this book?
A: It’s shorter than what they’re used to from me, but it packs in a lot of action and steam.


Q: What’s up next? What are you working on now?
A: I’m working on the follow-up to Ravenous Virtue, which is titled Righteous Fury. It’s been a
long time coming to get that book done, which falls under the dark erotica umbrella. Then I plan
to write another book that’s been a long time coming, the second of the First Mataras series
(Michaela was the first). It’s not titled yet, but the events occur on a space station shortly after
Amelia Ryan starts her adventure with Clan Rajhir. Another woman has to cope with the fallout
from that and other events when she meets a clan in crisis.

You can keep up with all things Kalquor at and sign up for Tracy’s
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