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Worlds Away Press Kit

Series Name: Warriors of Risnar

Release Date: May 10, 2019

Publisher: Self-published

Format: Novel * Genre: Science Fiction Romance * Length: 63,000 words

eBook ISBN: 978-1-940294-37-7

Characters: Selena “Boom-Boom” Baumer, Arga Enrihahz


She escaped from a cult. Fought in Afghanistan with an Explosives Ordinance Disposal unit.
Was discharged from the Army after a court martial. Fired from her latest job. Selena ‘Boom-
Boom’ Baumer is no stranger to conflict. However, diving into an interstellar war on a planet
she’s never heard of is pushing the limits, even for this rebel. It’s only temporary though, and in
the meantime, the striped alien men are easy on the eyes. Helping them defeat a monstrous race
of invaders can’t be a bad thing, right?

Arga Bolep, war commander of the planet Risnar, needs an explosives expert, and Selena
comes highly recommended. He’s not sure what he’s supposed to do with this blue-haired,
naughty-limerick singing, hardcore partier, but he knows one thing’s for sure: he’s not about to
fall in love. Not when he’s too aware of how gut-wrenching loss can be. Despite his fascination
with Selena, he’ll keep their relationship as professional as her outrageous personality will allow.

When the enemy race of Monsuda launch a surprise attack, threatening both Risnar and
Earth, Selena and Arga are forced to depend on each other just to survive. A reckless plan to
defeat the enemy could spell doom for the reluctant lovers—but the more impulsive feelings they
have for each other try their hearts and souls.

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Chapter 1 Link

Excerpt 1

Arga started and stopped, staring at her in surprise before looking her up and down. “You?
You wish to—to—with one of us?”

“Why not? I wouldn’t mind trying on an alien fella for size. I assume since Thompson and
Nex are a couple, compatibility isn’t a big deal.”

All at once, Selena decided she liked the idea. Why shouldn’t she be curious after witnessing
Arga create a tail? Besides, the Risnarish males she’d seen had great bodies, even the elders. She
should sample some of the local flavor, especially when it looked as good as it did.

“You don’t need the trappings of a relationship to have sex? I was under the impression
Earth women preferred it.”

“Dude. Let’s not drag in a whole lotta drama where it’s not needed. Relationship? No way.
I’m not setting up house here.” When Arga continued to blink as if someone had hit him over the
skull with a hammer, she quickly added, “Not that Risnar isn’t nice, but you’ve got some stuff
going on that creeps me out. I’m here to do the job, then portal home.”

“Oh. Yeah, that’s fine. I mean, if you want to indulge your curiosity—”

“You don’t think any of your men would find me attractive?” She was disappointed but not
surprised. Selena Baumer was an acquired taste, in many respects.

“I’m sure many would be eager for the chance. You’re cute. And feisty. You’re also—how
did you put it? Super real.”

His appreciative grin set her hair on end. Mr. Gator Wrestler was checking her out, ogling
her right there not ten yards from the temple and those chanting within it.

Why not? Okay, so we’re supposed to work together, and maybe that will make our
relationship weird.
However, he did have a nice ass. She should know. He’d waved it in her face
enough at the meeting.

She wiggled an eyebrow at him. Cocked her head, as coquettish as she could manage. “You
won’t find any Earthling more real than me. As we used to say in the EOD, big booms come in
small packages.”

“My dome isn’t far away.” He held out his hand.

“Well hell, son. What are we waiting for?”

Excerpt 2

He blocked her entrance. “I mean it. We’re going to go to bed and have our fun. That’s it.
That’s all I want.”

What did he think she was there for? Redecorating? “What? No marching band? We can’t
limbo too? Play a round of poker? What kind of a place are you running here, anyway?”

“I have no idea what you’re talking about. Whatever it is—no. We’re having sex. It leads to
nothing else. I’m not Kren. Or Nex. I’m not getting involved with an Earthling.”

Had he contemplated the prospect? Selena tried to focus her fuzzy thoughts. Maybe she’d
preyed on his mind this past week as much as he’d preyed on hers. Had she starred in untold
numbers of fantasies? And here she’d suspected his distance had meant he was a one-and-done

He’d considered romance. Then dismissed it. Selena pushed away the sudden stab of
disappointment. Why should she care if he had no intention to pursue anything beyond physical
gratification? She was on Risnar only long enough to help Earth, not set up house on a planet
that was probably doomed.

Excerpt 3

“Arga! Arga!” Selena navigated over shards and rubble, searching for some sign of life.
There was nothing but wreckage and a couple of walls that managed to remain standing. They
swayed as drunkenly as she had earlier that evening. “Arga! Answer me, damn you!”

At last, movement. A slender, striped length looking more akin to a large snake than a body
part wriggled out from under a slab of rock. It was so similar to a snake that Selena’s first notion
was to jump aside and give it space to wander on. The end of it split into several fingers,
however, and it waved frantically for attention. Meanwhile, more striped tentacles squirmed
from other debris. The gray dust coating them hid whether or not it was Arga. In any case, there
was a living Risnarish beneath the collapsed wall.

She hurried over as fast as she could and started removing rocks. The wormlike appendages
assisted. Before long, Selena spotted a foot, a leg, an arm and a hand. When the rubble became
too large for her to shift by hand, she located a metal bar and pried the heavier portions away.

A disheveled Arga at last emerged, small rills of blood streaking his dirty flesh. He crawled
clear with little difficulty. When he stood up, he appeared whole.

“Selena.” He hugged her tight.

She hugged back. “Don’t you ever pull a stunt like that again. I was afraid you’d gotten
yourself killed. Thank goodness for that natural armor.”

“I’m here, thanks to you. There’s someone else under this mess. We have to get him out.”

“Let’s make it quick. The rest is coming down sooner rather than later.”

Despite his misadventure, Arga’s strength recovered quickly. It was his sheer muscle which
pulled aside debris far faster than Selena could with her rod. At last, their efforts revealed a man.
He was unconscious, and Arga hefted him over a shoulder while Selena watched the wall closest
to them teeter.

“We’ve gotta move it, big guy!”

They clambered toward the intact part of the corridor, all other avenues of escape
nonexistent. No sooner had Arga gotten the victim clear when the wobbling partition crashed
down right where they’d been.

The impact of the wall’s demise set off sympathetic collapses in its wake. Selena and Arga
raced for the dome’s entrance as wall after wall gave way behind them.

Facts and Information About the Novel

* Worlds Away is the fourth and final book of the Warriors of Risnar mini-series.


* Worlds Away features the hero Arga Enrihahz, who has appeared in previous books.


* The heroine of this story, Selena Baumer, has a backstory of being with the Explosives
Ordinance Disposal group of the Army, from which she was discharged after a court martial. She
also spent a large portion of her childhood in a cult. Her past is an issue throughout the book.


* Worlds Away is Tracy St. John’s 50th published book.

Q & A

Q: Fifty books.
A: Hard to believe. I’m exhausted.

Q: This is the end of the Warriors of Risnar series?
A: It was always meant to be only four or five books. I think this story closes Risnar out

Q: What was the best part about writing the Risnar universe?
A: Doing something different from Kalquor. I love Kalquor, but I needed a jolt of something
new to write. I felt like I was stagnating because I was concentrating on just that particular
universe. It was becoming a grind. I needed to stretch creatively, or the clans would suffer.


Q: Arga showed up in the first book, Not of This World. Why did it take so long to get to
give him a starring role in his own story?
A: He wasn’t ready until now. He had some growing to do from where he was in NOTW to
be the romance hero. He was ready much earlier to be a warrior hero, but when it came to falling
for a special lady, he hadn’t reached that point until the fourth book.


Q: There have been very different women throughout the series. Jeannie was strong but
frightened and distrustful. Anneliese was tough as nails but wounded. Velia was self-assured but
fighting her past. What is the new heroine like?
A: Loud, fun, and trying to put her past to rest. From her blue-dyed hair to partying to
inappropriate jokes, Serena shocks Arga. He’s not one to abstain from sexy time, but he doesn’t
want a relationship. She has no intention of remaining on Risnar once she’s done her part to save
Earth from the Monsuda.


Q: That changes.
A: Of course it does! They’re fascinated with each other despite the issues that make them
fight the attraction.


Q: What’s up next?
A: I’ve begun work on First Mataras: Maryam, which will focus on one of the women
abducted to Kalquor around the same timeframe as Alien Embrace and Alien Rule. I don’t
anticipate having it done for at least six months. Ongoing obligations and health concerns
continue to keep me at a snail’s pace, so everyone needs to remain patient.

You can keep up with the latest at and sign up for Tracy’s
newsletter there.

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