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Alien Outcast Press Kit

Series Name: Clans of Kalquor

Release Date: July 3, 2018

Publisher: Self-published

Format: Novel * Genre: Science Fiction Romance * Length: 86,000 words

eBook ISBN: 978-1-940294-34-6

Characters: Dramok Nako, Nobek Terig, Imdiko Ulof, Piper Warren, Ob


She escaped to Kalquor to warn the empire…but did she bring its destruction instead?

When a rogue Kalquorian raider snags a Bi’isil cruiser in Empire space, the outlaw crew is
hoping for supplies. Instead, they find a Tragoom and an Earther woman with a dire warning:
Bi’is is set to unleash a fatal plague on the Kalquorian Empire.

Piper Warren, with the help of her friend Ob, has faced death to save the Kalquorians from utter
destruction. Instead of help, she stumbles on a ship filled with men who swear no loyalty to
anyone but themselves. Can she convince them to set aside their lawless ways to save their

Captain Nako turned his back on Kalquor after Fleet Command decommissioned his raider.
Abandoned by his government, he swears he will never lift a finger to aid them, not even against
the traitor Dramok Maf and his fleet. With the new Bi’is threat, if Nako doesn’t do something,
the empire will fall and its people will die.

Nako’s Nobek clanmate Terig is as fierce as they come. However, his shameful past destroyed a
once-promising career, and leading his men into battle can only end in defeat. But how can he
refuse when utter annihilation is racing straight to Kalquor?

Dual breed Imdiko Ulof is a terror to anyone who crosses him. Leaving broken bodies in his
wake, the ex-convict struggles with equally broken dreams. No one can tame him, until a
beautiful Earther and an unlikely new friend show that belief has the power to heal all wounds.

The survival of Kalquor depends on this unlikely band of misfits. Clan Nako learns that love for
an Earther woman can make heroes out of outcasts…until they discover that Piper harbors dark,
deadly secrets of her own.

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Excerpt 1

Terig dashed into engineering two steps ahead of Nako. The smoke within was thick, burning the
Nobek’s throat, but the suppression system had already put out the fire.

More distressing than the clouds of gray blinding him and the irritation of breathing the
shit was the noise. The sirens continued to wail, but they were musical compared to the
earsplitting whine coming from the engine compartments. It sounded as if only one of the four
neared explosive overload, but one was all it would take to rip the raider apart.

At least the damned noise would stop. Terig thought his ears must be bleeding.

He vaulted over two bodies on his way to the computer bank a few feet from the
entrance. Through the gloom of smoke, he saw the vids flickering and homed in on them.
Seconds later, his fingers flew over key commands. Next to him, Nako worked as furiously. If he
gave orders, Terig had no way of hearing them. The shrieking engine drowned everything out.

His readouts were useless, unable to tell Terig which engine had been hit. The computer
responded to nothing he tried.

Terig gave up and waded through smoke and bodies to reach the bank of engine power
cylinders, waving Nako to the far end opposite from him. His Dramok nodded, heading for
Engine One’s energy feed while Terig removed the panel for Engine Four. Feeling the seconds
fly by, he worked to manually shut Four’s power supply off. He hurried on to Three, the
screeching that spiked through his skull increasing. Terig thought he might be screaming with
the overloaded machinery but wasn’t sure. He shut the mechanism off.

Blessed silence descended. A second later, the room plunged into darkness as well, as if
he’d somehow shut down the entire ship. For a few moments, there was only the acrid scent of
burnt machinery. Otherwise, Terig existed in a void, in which he couldn’t even hear his heart

Then soft illumination rose, bringing the room back to existence. The raider’s power had
utterly failed, and the reserve systems had come online.

A heavy hand gripped his shoulder, bringing his attention to Nako. The captain’s lips
moved, but Terig couldn’t hear a thing.

He read Nako’s lips. Fortunately, his Dramok spoke with exaggerated care. “Let’s check
ship’s status.”

They returned to the computer banks. Fortunately, what was left of the system had
rebooted when standby power had come on. It was the only good news Terig saw.

More lipreading ensued. “We have life support, coms, and that’s it.”

“Then we’re out of phase. And helpless to keep Maf from finishing the job.”

Excerpt 2

Nako’s ears reverberated with Piper and Ulof’s cries as he shoved Terig’s crop aside and
positioned himself between the Earther’s long legs.

Careful. Watching those two beautiful creatures surrender to ecstasy made him crazy for
his own release. It took all his willpower to not shove his cocks into Piper like a mindless animal
desperate to breed.

He eased into her ass with his slickened primary, groaning at how she clutched him in a
silken grip. Then his smaller shaft slid into her wet pussy. Ripples of her continued pleasure
coaxed the hot ribbon of cum filling his cocks into a roil. He clenched his teeth against the
crazed desire that threatened his control.

He maintained some restraint, but he pushed deep in a strong thrust. Ulof staggered away
to crash on the sleeping mat as Piper moaned, “Yes!”

Terig claimed Ulof’s former spot in front of her. She went to work on him with a will, as
if she hadn’t gotten enough from their clanmate. The woman was resilient as hell.

And incredible. How lucky we were that she was chased straight to us.

Nako’s entire being should have been consumed by the tight grip of her ass and pussy on
his eager cocks. Tight, yes, but yielding to his strength. He gripped the taut globes of her rear,
rubbing the crop marks hard as he rode her, giving her the punishment that set her on fire.

As incredible as she felt, thought came in snatches to Nako as he pounded against her. He
didn’t consider himself as a sadist, but he knew no one would accuse him of being tender. Rough
and crude—perhaps even forceful—he’d never for an instant considered himself suitable for a
relationship with a woman.

Piper had changed all of that. With her, the idea was not so far-fetched.

She’s perfect for men like us. She needs men like us.

It was his last coherent notion before urgency dissolved all intelligence. The heaviness in
his cocks grew, eclipsing the ability to deliberate. All was lost before a torrent of rapture,
thundering from his secondary to his primary, racing through to expel itself in shattering bursts
as she came anew, her clutching sleeves milking him of every drop.

Moments later, Terig strained mightily, tendons standing out all over his strong body as
he too gave himself over to bliss. The Nobek gasped as Piper gently licked his shafts, reassuring
herself that she’d claimed all of his offering.

Then she wilted, exhausted by their combined passion. The three men lifted her to their
mat, arranging themselves around her, sheltering the tiny Earther with their muscled frames. She
fell asleep within seconds, a smile softening her face.

Nako gazed at her with wonder. With worry. He knew what he wanted, but what did he
have to offer such a woman? As Terig had said, life as an exile was no gift.

Excerpt 3

A shriek erupted from Ulof. His head came up, his eyes burning purple flames of rage.
But his face was a mask of sorrow and fear such as Piper had never seen.

She could have wept anew at the misery Ulof felt over Ob being harmed. Instead, she
yelped when his fist flashed out, crashing against Terig’s breast. Another punch followed
quickly, knocking the Nobek back a couple steps. One more, nearly taking Terig off his feet. He
grunted, wincing despite being protected by the armor.

Then Ulof spun around and dashed himself against the wall. He banged his forehead into
the unforgiving surface.

“Not that.” Nako grabbed his Imdiko, wrapping him up in his arms. “Enough. Breathe,
Ulof. Breathe. Remember, Ob still has a chance. It’s not over.”

A gut-wrenching moan rose from the distraught Imdiko. Then he relaxed in his Dramok’s
grip, the storm passing.

As he calmed, Terig, seeming none the worse for wear, embraced Piper. “Better to let
him vent this way than cratering some random asshole’s face for saying the wrong thing at the
wrong time.”

Facts and Information About the Novel

* Alien Outcast is the twelfth of the bestselling SFR series ‘Clans of Kalquor’.

* Dramok Nako has appeared in the series before. He was in a brief scene towards the end of the
eighth Clans of Kalquor book Alien Caged.

* This book features heroes who are all part of the Nobek warrior caste of Kalquor. Nako is a
Dramok-Nobek and Ulof is an Imdiko-Nobek.

* Ulof is the second major character and first hero in Tracy’s books to feature a character with
special needs. He has a learning disability that affects his memory. Her other special needs
character was the autistic child Thomas in Alien Refuge (Thomas was based on her own son).

* Alien Outcast is Tracy’s 46th published book.

Q & A

Q: Is this another book covering the Kalquorian civil war?
A: It is, but there are a lot of other things going on as well. This book ties up a lot of loose ends
for the Clans of Kalquor series, including the Lost Colonists, the origin of the virus that brought
Kalquor to the verge of extinction, new clanning laws, and so many other things.



Q: But this isn’t the last Clans of Kalquor book?
A: No, but I do plan to take an extended break from the main series to return to the spinoffs of
the First Mataras and the Nuns of Europa. Michaela and Sister Katherine are looking lonely out
there without the other stories that should have been written long before now. With Shalia’s
Diary wrapped up and Clans of Kalquor in a good place, I can finally carve out a little time for
writing those other series.



Q: The new book is Nobek-heavy, I understand.

A: Nobeks and dual-breeds galore. Nako is a Dramok-Nobek and Ulof is an Imdiko-Nobek. And
they serve on a raider, the warship of the pre-destroyer era. Raider crews are the most ferocious
in the Imperial Fleet, so it’s a natural fit for men with Nobek tendencies.


Q: Is Ulof the kind of Imdiko-Nobek we’ve seen with Emperor Bevau?
A: Not quite. Bevau’s principle designation is Nobek rather than Imdiko, and he doesn’t have
half the issues Ulof does. Ulof has a learning disability that went ignored by his family for too
long, and he’s not been treated well in the past. He has a tendency to react to stress with
violence. In fact, he’s served time in prison due to his poor coping skills.


Q: He sounds angsty. I love angsty.
A: Then the whole clan will make you happy. Clan Nako is Angst Central.


Q: There have been hints that the hero clan of this book is a group of pirates?
A: The raiders, Kalquorian warships, have all been decommissioned. Their crews, usually a
motley lot of the wildest men, are not happy about it. Captain Nako in particular took exception
to the order to turn his ship in, so he and a number of his crew gave Fleet Command the middle
finger. They abandoned the fleet and have been raiding the Basma’s renegade armada for
supplies ever since.


Q: The heroes sound exciting. What about the heroine? Who is the lucky lady who finds herself
among this bunch of rogues?
A: Piper Warren was enslaved by the Bi’isils after Armageddon. She went with them by choice,
by the way. Piper’s got a few issues when it comes to self-worth. However, circumstances
convince her she needs to get to Kalquor to give them a warning about her masters and the
Basma. Instead of loyal Kalquorians, she finds Clan Nako and his merry band of brutes. They
aren’t exactly the champions she was hoping for.


Q: What about the sexual dynamics?
A: I didn’t plan Piper to be a masochist, but she kept insisting on going in that direction. This
isn’t really a book that delves much into S & M, but there’s a taste of that in there. The men,
having served on a raider with little access to women, are not terribly experienced with females.
Ulof has never been with a woman at all. These guys, in any case, are not about finesse. So
things can get a little rough, but in a way that is exciting and even (believe it or not) rather sweet.

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